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Thyax ReviewsIf you have been looking into buying Thyax, then no doubt you would have read one or two Thyax reviews. For the most part, the majority of Thyax reviews you will read will be of a positive nature.

Of course, Thyax is just like any other medication. What I mean by that is there will always be a few people who will feel that they have not gained any benefit from taking Thyax.

To my knowledge, Thyax side effects are very rare, if any at all. The makers of this product say that this is because they use all natural ingredients so it should be safe to take and easy for the body to adjust to. The first time I took Thyax, I did feel a slight ‘buzzy’ sensation. However, this is the only ‘side effect’ I experienced and from day two onwards, everything felt fine. Most users of this product seem to be pleased with the outcome, myself included.

It was my wife who first discovered Thyax. She is someone I would class as active but she had a slight thyroid problem for some time. After a while it started to get worse so she did some research online and that is how she found out about Thyax.

I personally had been using synthroid to control my thyroid problems for quite a few years. I didn’t experience any major breakthroughs but it seemed to keep my symptoms under wraps. When my wife had success with Thyax, she suggested that I should switch and use Thyax also.

Fats forward to the present day and neither my wife or I has had any strange side effects. But it did make me realize the side effects I was having when I used synthroid. I remember sweating excessively, falling asleep on the sofa every evening, the lethargy and the general lack of desire to get anything done. This has all changed now I am using thyax. My wife says I am a changed man. Also, I have noticed that my wife’s hair has begun to thicken up after years of thinning.

Overall, we are pleased with Thyax. I know this is just my opinion but that is all I have. Besides, Progressive Health (the makers of Thyax) offer a 180 day money back guarantee. So if you tried it and did not like it for any reason, you could always get your money back.

That was the thought in my head when I first purchased Thyax. But as it turned out, there was no need. I just hope you are as please with Thyax as me and my wife are.

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